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Booking a speaker

Which speakers does ASB represent?
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Academic Speakers Bureau represents distinguished academic speakers, including Nobel Prize winners, bestselling authors, and world-leading scholars in social sciences. Regardless of the subject, our speakers deliver thought-provoking presentations to audiences at corporations, industry conferences, and international events, online or in-person.

Which types of engagement does ASB book for the speakers?
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Academic Speakers Bureau handles all types of public and private speaking engagements. Our expert speakers appear at conferences as keynote speaker, panel discussions, roundtable events, after dinner events, fireside chats, expert interviews, company presentations, 1-1 with senior executives and company board meetings. Additionally, we can help create an event experience customised to your requirements.

What is the process for booking a speaker?
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If you already know which speaker you would like to book, please complete the booking form, and we will contact you shortly. If you are unsure about the best speaker for your event, please contact us and include details of the event (e.g., event objectives, audience, budget, theme, and the type of speaker you are looking for). Then, based on your requirements, we will recommend the best speakers for you and provide their rate cards. Once you decide on the speaker, we will share the booking form for you to complete to begin the booking process.

How far in advance should I book a speaker?
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To ensure appropriate time for processing, all requests should be received at least one month in advance of a scheduled speaking event.

How much will it cost to invite a speaker to my event?
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We represent speakers in all price ranges. Prices vary based on type of engagement and organisation. Each speaker has its own rate card outlining the different costs, which can be requested via the contact form.

Can I book multiple speakers for my event?
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Yes, we welcome bookings of multiple speakers for your event.

What if I want to book a speaker who is not listed on ASB?
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Academic Speakers Bureau can assist you with inquiries regarding academic speakers not listed on our website as long as the speaker is affiliated with the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Will I need to connect with a speaker’s PA to engage with the speaker?
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No, all arrangements will go through us.

Can I talk to an advisor if I am unsure about my speaker choice?
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Yes, please get in touch via the contact form and tell us more about your requirements. We will help you find a suitable speaker depending on the topic, type of engagement, budget, and availability.

Fees, Operations and Logistics

Where can I find the price for individual speakers?
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You can request a speaker's rate card via our contact form. This rate card will specify the prices for different types of engagement and types of organisation.

What does the speaker fee cover?
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The fees outlined on a speaker’s rate card cover the cost for that specific event. This price does not include travel expenses or other variable costs. These costs will be billed separately after the event has taken place.

How are travel arrangements made?
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Travel to and from the event within the speaker’s home city will be booked by the Academic Speakers Bureau. Following the event, we will invoice you for these costs and any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the speaker. If the event takes place in another city than the speaker’s home city, the host of the event is responsible for booking local hotel accommodation if needed, as well as arranging transportation to and from the location of the event.

Can you put me in touch with a speaker directly?
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Due to privacy concerns, we cannot disclose our speakers’ personal contact information. However, all the relevant communication you send to us will be forwarded to the speaker.

How do I brief my speaker?
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A month before your event, or sooner, we will contact you and the speaker and arrange a mutually convenient time for a briefing call. Your Academic Speakers Bureau consultant will participate in the call to assist you and guide you in the briefing.

Can we record the speaker’s lecture?
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Please contact us if you’re interested in recording the speaker’s lecture. We will have to get permission from the speaker prior to the event.

What happens if the booked speaker has to cancel?
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In the unlikely event of a speaker being unable to attend, we will offer you an alternative speaker or refund your payment in full.

Do you provide offline event management services?
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No, we do not provide offline event management services through ASB.

Can I book a speaker for a webinar or online event?
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Yes, we provide speakers for both in person and online events.

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